Lost my life, to my phone!

By sneha

Lost are the times where we step out of our houses without our phones anymore. We might even go out nude, but never without the phone. It is such an integral part of our lives these days.

So yeah, yesterday I stepped out of home, for my first day at work in my new organisation without my phone. I fel...

09.09.19 05:46 PM - Comment(s)

P for Possesiveness!

By sneha

I gave birth to two humans at the same time. Thank God for that or else I have no idea how I would have dealt with sharing them to the world. I was so very possessive about these beings. You could call it a motherly affection but one must know better than that. I hate it when my kids tend to show m...
20.04.19 12:49 PM - Comment(s)

O for Obesity!

By sneha

Being obese is not to be blamed on one's genes anymore. I promise you that it is because of your sedentary lifestyle and the food habits that we have inculcated from time immemorial. I am not writing about this because Mikhail and Michelle are obese but because I don't want them to become obese on t...
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Screen time and my fussy eaters!

By sneha

I have heard so many moms totally restricting screen times because they believe that it hinders with brain development. Some mommies don't allow their kids to watch television when they are eating, which is a good practice because then the kids would learn to realize when they are full immediately. ...
16.04.19 01:40 AM - Comment(s)

F for Forgetfulness

By sneha

Ever forgotten so much in your entire life? I guess not. I was always someone who remembered birthdays and anniversaries, dates and all the important stuff. I could easily identify people who I have seen just once ages ago, I can remember the oldest of memories that I got from eons ago! Then one fin...
06.04.19 12:50 PM - Comment(s)