Parenting Twins & Life in Between

Being born as fraternal twins is like being born with your best friend right by your side. You will have them by your side through thick and thin. From sharing vaccination schedules to chocolates eaten to every birthday celebrated together, they do everything together. Sharing is how everything works for them and they don't understand space or privacy when born as twins.

This blog was started to help new twin moms to deal with the needs of twin parenting. Handling one newborn is difficult and it was 10 times more work to handle twins than I ever anticipated. I earnt through the internet and through the guidance of my pediatricians. Internet has a mix of true and false, along with exaggeration added on the side.

As a twin mom who doesn't know what to expect, the pressure on the mom can be too much to deal with. I learnt on the go and I can't imagine the extend of length I had to go to access the right information about parenting. 

I understand the need for new twin moms to find guidance and they require the support of the entire family to get back on their feet. This blog hopes to be that guiding start for new twin moms.

Join us as we embark on a journey in life across different countries.

Advocating Gentle Parenting

No matter how young children are, they understand things beyond their age. Tell them, talk to them. That's what gentle parenting is all about. I know its hard and some days you lose your head but it will get better and eventually you will have sensitive children who truly care about others.

Sustain with sustainability

Sometimes simplicity is the best. Lesser commodities, lesser toys, lesser clothes, living simpler means leaving a lesser carbon footprint. It is lesser chaos and adds memories to things in life.

Healthy Living

Homemade is healthy, homemade is good. Taste is what we look for in food. So if homemade is tasty then why go outside.

Brands we love 

Helping others is helping yourself. Give out a good word and make their day!

Child Led Learning

Children have their own pace of learning. Giving them the space and the time to do it in their own way is all about implementing child led learning in life.

" Until one has loved a baby, a part of one's soul remains unawakened "


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