A letter to COVID-19

By sneha

You took away around 6000 lives from India. You don't plan on stopping anytime soon. With the total tested cases nearing 60,000, the fear you instill isn't large enough to keep people at home.You don't plan on leaving us alone and nor are we going to keep our selves away from you. We find a cheap th...

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Parenting in 2020

By sneha

I want to breathe, I want to feel free and I want to be loved unconditionally. These are thoughts any normal person would have. Anybody might just yearn for these without the barrier of age, sex or color.


The moment I have all this, I tend to be happy and find content from within. But after all...

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Life of a woman in lockdown

By sneha

As I count the indefinite number of days I need to spend at home to protect my family, I begin to find a hidden loathing creeping out the pores of my skin. As I try to act and walk as if everything is normal, I have emotions tugging at my heart. When all I want to do is bang my head against the wall...

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The better place!

By sneha

We grew up with the concept of heaven and hell. I did and all my actions we're based out this constant nagging inside of me about whether I will go to hell or to heaven for my actions.

Soon we are out of grasp of our parents who are a something like our inner conscience, always nagging. They force us...

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Men at work: relationship goals we notice!

By sneha

Today all I want to do is talk about my workplace and parallel relationship that revolve around it. The environment is great and work is amazing. Through all the good things, the best thing is I can do is study my colleagues and analyze the kind of relationship that we share. After a whole lot of an...

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