Regret, Reverse and Repeat.

By sneha

As we walk through the valley of life, bible tells us to fear no evil. I feel that evil and good are just ways to describe things and actually none if it exists because everything is for the good. In life, at every turn around the corner of the lane, life throws crossroads at us. It's up to us to ch...
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Fun and fitness, all with frolic!

By sneha

For someone who just turned 25, I felt really old and saggy from motherhood already. As I became a mum, not to one but to two babies at the same time, they seemed to become my world and they literally sucked up my entire time. I had no me time, forget any time to exercise.

But then I happened to go o...

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A safe home before I leave home!

By sneha

It has been almost two years since I have been a stay at home mom to my twins. I have been with them day in and day out. Though we have a team supporting their growth and upbringing, as a solo parent most of the times, they have been my responsibility mostly.

Today as I sit back counting down my days...

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How exactly to not spoil your toddlers?

By sneha

 I live in a joint family where parenting is done by all of us at home. It's a group activity and the implications of each persons parenting technique being different I see that affecting my children in a drastic manner. Here are a few real life examples that I have seen in my children as chang...
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The life of a Tamil aunty!

By sneha

We are from the south of India. Or the so called Madrasees. We are dark skinned and wear sarees most of our lives. We move out of our beloved sarees only if we step into the United States of America! Our heads might be bald, but even then a married woman will wear flowers on that bald head of hers.&...
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