The better place!

By sneha

We grew up with the concept of heaven and hell. I did and all my actions we're based out this constant nagging inside of me about whether I will go to hell or to heaven for my actions.

Soon we are out of grasp of our parents who are a something like our inner conscience, always nagging. They force us...

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Men at work: relationship goals we notice!

By sneha

Today all I want to do is talk about my workplace and parallel relationship that revolve around it. The environment is great and work is amazing. Through all the good things, the best thing is I can do is study my colleagues and analyze the kind of relationship that we share. After a whole lot of an...

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By sneha

Just sometimes, we feel like we need the presence of a person to just talk to, speak openly about a few things and your relationships with others especially your spouses. This want for a new and understanding someone results in serious trouble at times mainly because they are not your spouse. Enough...
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