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By sneha

A small piece of my mind

I have always loved reading but back then I Never knew all that reading would allow me to write better. As life moved ahead, I read much less but I never lost all those things I had learnt through learning. Life became more complex while I became a new mom, again I took up to...

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When will our Kargil Divas ever come?

By sneha

India recently commemorated the 20th year since Kargil war which happened in1999. Many fought, most took an enemy bullet to the chest and the very few now survive to speak of that day. They have been named martyr's and given awards by the Indian government. Some offsprings received jobs and some rec...
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Regret, Reverse and Repeat.

By sneha

As we walk through the valley of life, bible tells us to fear no evil. I feel that evil and good are just ways to describe things and actually none if it exists because everything is for the good. In life, at every turn around the corner of the lane, life throws crossroads at us. It's up to us to ch...
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Fun and fitness, all with frolic!

By sneha

For someone who just turned 25, I felt really old and saggy from motherhood already. As I became a mum, not to one but to two babies at the same time, they seemed to become my world and they literally sucked up my entire time. I had no me time, forget any time to exercise.

But then I happened to go o...

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Blogger died and I am fried!

By sneha

I had a sudden urge to become a blogger after I became a mom. It was more for venting out my frustration because I felt nobody ever understands me and maybe writing about it would just be the right way to approach my innermost feelings. Just when my career as a blogger sort of kickstarted, I was let...
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