Baking with Atta!!!

By - sneha
14.05.19 04:45 PM
Long before I actually set about to baking, I was afraid of it actually. According to me it was very time consuming and difficult process. But once I got into baking there has been no looking back. It is one of the easiest therapy if you are some who enjoys to do handwork and finally eating that handwork. It helps you sort all your random and over the place thoughts, helps you release anger, the constant rhythm of mixing does good to soothe down your temper. After having kids and once they started showing an interest in cakes and muffins, I realised that baling for my kids was the healthiest option that was available. At least I could be sure that there won't be any maida on the cake that I make. So today I write this, for all of you who think that baking a cake or cookies is a difficult task. All the ingredients would be mostly available at your home itself.

1. Atta cookies

One cup powdered sugar 
Two and a half cup of atta 
200grams of ghee or butter 
1tbsp of vanilla essence 
A pinch of salt


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. It will be similar to kinetic sand in texture. Cut out your preferred shape with a cookie cutter and place it on a baking tray that is greased properly. Preheat oven for 15 minutes at 180 degrees. Place tray and bake for around 30 minutes or until golden brown in color. Once it is almost ready you will get a yummy aroma. You can add chocolate chips, nuts or chopped dry fruits, spicy masalas to create variants of the same cookies.

2. Atta sponge cake 

Butter 80 grams 
One cup wheat flour
Sugar as required 
1tbsp vanilla essence 
125ml of condensed milk 
1/2 cup of water 
A pinch of salt


Sieve all the dry ingredients into a bowl. Add butter to a pan along with water and sugar and let it boil. Add this mixture to the dry ingredients along with condensed milk. Using a wired whisk, mix everything until smooth. Do not over mix it. Pour the batter into a baking tray that is sprayed with butter. Put it into an oven preheated at 180 degrees for 20 minutes. Takes about 45 minutes to one hour to get the cake baked properly. Put a toothpick into the cake and if it comes out clean then your cake is ready!

3. Tigre cupcake

2 ripe bananas 
One cup wheat flour 
Half cup full cream milk 
1/3 cup of vegetable oil 
1/2 cup of sugar 
One egg 
1tbsp of baking soda 
1tbsp of baking powder 
1tbsp of vanilla essence 
1/4 tbsp of salt 
Choco sprinkles or choco chips


Mash the ripe bananas until a smooth puree is formed. Add the egg, oil, sugar, vanilla essence and blend it until a smooth mix is formed. Add the dry ingredients after sifting through a sieve. Mix everything and finally add chocolate sprinkles or choco chips to the mix. Pour out into a greased muffin tray. Bake at 180 degrees for 20-25 minutes. Photo courtesy and recipe is from the Tasty page on Facebook. All these three recipes are a favorite of both my children and since all the ingredients are available easily, it is a common part of our snacks these days. Do try them out and let me know how it turned out to be. 

I would like to thank Isha Sharma for introducing me. Do check out her blog to see what's her take on life this week. I would like to introduce my old friend Mahati Ramya to this blog train. Do check out her blog

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