When will our Kargil Divas ever come?

By - sneha
30.07.19 01:49 AM
India recently commemorated the 20th year since Kargil war which happened in1999. Many fought, most took an enemy bullet to the chest and the very few now survive to speak of that day. They have been named martyr's and given awards by the Indian government. Some offsprings received jobs and some received financial support from the government. As twenty years have passed, things have changed, most of them have been buried deep under the layers of snow and so have they, in the hearts of most citizens. It's become just another day where soldiers receive appreciation for what they have done, for their loss and for the life used to catch up on the count when deciding the winner of the war. 

Let me ask you, why is that we don't commemorate the women in our lives the same way? Is it because they fight everyday and don't give up their lives that they aren't celebrated the same way. I am in no way degrading or diminishing what the soldiers do for us and how they are securing our tomorrow's, but isn't that exactly the same thing that women are doing in our lives too? Firstly women give birth and secure the future of all you, men. But then you men come up to us saying that nature created us, women for the very same purpose and if they could have, they would have given birth to babies instead. I really doubt that because men can hardly stand up against a simple cold, then how exactly would men give birth. 

We fight wars every single day starting from early in the morning to the last thing we do before going to bed is fight, for us, for our kids, for our family. Just because we live to see the next day, we don't become martyr's in the process. We fight with vegetable man, bargaining for ever and never giving up on that two rupee profit that we make everyday. We fight with our mother in laws every single day, just to get blamed that she doesn't work properly and she doesn't do anything at home and so on. Then we head out go office in a bus, where we end up carrying a slipper in our hands to keep the start dogs of men away from oogling at us and grooping at our breasts. 

Finally at office, we get harassed by men who happen to be out bosses and colleagues. After all these battles that are fought and lost, we come back home to start again from the beginning. Running behind kids and battling with them to finish homework, followed by a battle to make them eat okra for dinner. Again followed by fights with the mother on law, and then with the husband man for fighting with his parents and then fighting with oneself for getting married into this family and making the biggest mistake of her life. Tomorrow morning has no hope of becoming any better because, the cycle just goes round and round. And in the process we have lost our freedom and our happiness. And yet we are no martyr's in this country where population is so high just because of all our hard-work. Except for mother's day and women's day, nobody even acknowledges us anymore. A message on WhatsApp wishing us on these days has become the norm. And for that too, the world acts as if it has sacrificed a lot for sending those free messages. Had we too be given awards like our soldiers for all the good deeds done by us, then each us would have had a Vir Chakra to our names. Should have just battled for the nation and died because battling every day and not dying is no good at all.