Now a guest blogger for Twisted Fitness.

By - sneha
21.10.19 02:49 AM

A small piece of my mind

I have always loved reading but back then I Never knew all that reading would allow me to write better. As life moved ahead, I read much less but I never lost all those things I had learnt through learning. Life became more complex while I became a new mom, again I took up to reading. I needed guidance and I needed it bad.

Today all that reading coupled with a whole lot of experiences, taught me and made the master of my trade. I am an experimental parent today. I don't know what works for me and my children yet, but we are learning and simultaneously implementing. While all this happens on one side, I have taken up to becoming a guide to other new moms out there.

I was lucky enough to share my experiences and trials with weight loss post-partum. I have written an article for a website called Twisted Fitness. This post is all about my fights with my weight and finally how I shed those few kilos that I managed. Yoga was my companion through these difficult times. Me and Yoga, together we have attached all that I could.

Happy Realisation

I will not say that my weight is ideal today. I will not say that I am a healthy horse today. All that I have to say is, feeling unhealthy should be the first step to becoming healthy. Make it a point to realise that healthy living matters and life is not all about good food wining and dining. Living healthy while treating your body as a sanctity is what matters.

I would be glad if you take a look at this blog. It would mean the world to me and If you like this article then you could probably read another of my article on fitness. I am in no way an expert on these matters but who doesn't like giving out a word of advice even if I know free advice has no value.