My journey into the world of menstrual cups

By - sneha
12.07.20 07:37 PM

Skeptical was me, doubtful were my thoughts. My decision to change to menstrual cups has been lurking around my mind for a while. I was worried about the size, the comfort levels and how leak proof it might be.


I decided to sit down and take time reading about it. However, with my regular schedule it just never happened. And then lockdown happened, we started having more time to ourselves. Beyond everything, with lockdown in place I found it hard to go out and get sanitary pads for myself every month. That is when I seriously started considering an alternate option.


First think like every normal person, I looked up friends and influencers who promote sustainable living through menstrual cups. I got substantial amount of information on social media. Then I googled about it and got the rest of my basics doubts and worries clarified.


This website helped me discover my size. They have a quiz which sort of helped me confirm my size. A woman who has been pregnant full term should go for the large cup size. If not this then a bulky build or excess flow during menstruation means a large cup size.


3 cycles down with my Sirona Menstrual Cup, I have started looking forward to my cycles. I feel totally at ease with the cup inside of me. I don't feel weird or uncomfortable. Initially inserting the cup seemed a little strenuous but now I am a pro at it. This a budget friendly brand which has no fancy boxes. But with this brand you can make a wrong choice without much loss.


Pros I discovered


It's comfortable as any period could ever get. I must say I have started loving it that I wonder how I lived my life without it all these years. I regret not starting it earlier. Easy to use. Easy to maintain. I got it from Amazon at an affordable rate. Not only am I saving money, but I am reducing my carbon footprint.


I havent had a leaky day or an rash episode since I made the move. You can buy the menstrual cup wash to clean it. Sterilization at the start and end of the cycle. I can't really imagine anything easier. If you are cloth pad person, I would feel really sorry for the time you spend washing your pads. This will not take half the time and effort as that.


Also, for all the Indian woman who give a damn about their virginity, it doesn't take it away from you. That is just not an excuse for you to stop using the menstrual cup now.


Cons I feel in my heart


I feel scared about a fungal or bacterial outbreak in the menstrual cup. I know I am just being paranoid but sometimes I feel the urge to look at the packed cup. Other than that the only negative thing about the cup is if not inserted properly, it tends to fall out. When it does, it gets excruciating. It feels as if something is clawing at your vagina.


Overall, I would love to give this product a 5 star rating. I will urge to use it, to reduce your carbon footprint while living a more sustainable life.

I tried and I loved it. If you have any doubts about making the shift, feel free to email me at This post is my little way to promote something great created by this brand. I just loved the idea and the product. If you believe in my review and want to buy, click here.