My experiences with QNET -A Network Marketing Company (Part 1)

By - sneha
07.07.21 11:32 AM

I was fully aware of what I was getting into, but realized it's true essence and managed to get out just in time.

Getting rich and quick sounds amazing. But like someone ever said if things came too easily then it's just not meant to be right. I was hustling all along, trying to grow in my career fast enough to earn a good position and some bucks that would last through to the end of the month. I was on a lookout for better offers and better chances at life. 

As I scrolled through Instagram one night, I saw an ex-colleague of mine who started off with me in career. He was posting fancy photos in suits at parties and expensive gadgets. I was truly fascinated about how someone could get rich so fast especially with measly salary we started out earning. I had taken a mental note to ask him if we ever spoke again. 

A few weeks later he reached out and we had a casually catch up. We discussed life and he told me that he started a new business venture. When I got curious, he got to playing around and creating a suspense about his business. All he said was that it's a long term project and used works like Amazon, ecommerce, online platforms, and Aggregator model. I asked if his business had anything to do with network marketing, he never answered it directly. I wished him luck on his new venture and we became more active on each others social profiles. Commenting and encouraging along the way.

One day, months later, another fancy post was all it took for me to reach out to him and asked if I could join his business or if there were any similar ideas that I could use to start my own business. Again he made it sound so complicated and built a huge demand around the whole process of starting out and how only a lucky few managed to sustain and survive in such a demanding situation. This sort of made me feel like I really wanted to do it and I had to see if I had the right mindset that he keeps talking so much about. But he gave me no hope and that sort of made me more desperate.

A week later he calls me and tells me that their team has some urgent requirements. He pushed me to send him a resume in the next 3 hours if I was really serious about getting started. And I did send him my profile. Then a day or two later I was informed over call that my profile was shortlisted. I was elated because of the hype that was being created by my friend. They scheduled my interview for the next days. They informed me that it would be a video call over zoom and could go upto 3 hours. I wasn't really sure how I was going to manage through a 3 hour video interview. 

On the day of my interview I was all set, ready and confident. I was also asked to bring a lot of energy to the table. The pandemic had really drained me out but then, my friend kept reminding me of how much money I would be able to make out of it. This thought was able to uplift my spirits. The interview was like every other interview. Started off by talking about yourself and your expectations from life and so on. Then they asked about your dreams and why you want to make money. They were basically making sure that you had a purpose that would drive you to stick to this till the end. Till this point, not once was the company name, or the term network marketing was ever mentioned. The individuals who interviewed me were Charted Accountants, Merchant Navy officials and Doctors.

They spoke about money and how much I would make if I put in how much efforts. The valuation of crores made me greedy I suppose. At the end of it all, the company name was finally revealed. QNET was mentioned with articles showing how they sponsored sports events. They proved that they have been on the headlines for all the best reasons. Final suggestion was not to search on Google as most information available there was related to the PONZI Scheme and embezzlement.

At the end of three hours, I heard so much and I was trying to wrap my head around an entire business model. It was even crazy for me who never found anything crazy ever. The first thing I did after the interview was Google about them. Then I was like let's see if I get selected and if I do then I can think about whether to join or not. Oh I forgot to mention about the investment part. They told me I have to invest 1.8 Lakh rupees if I was accepted into the program. This is like the startup cost of my business. They convinced me that this is a trivial amount compared to if I was setting up any regular business.

So did I finally get selected? Did I invest? Read Part 2 to know the rest of the information.

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