Men at work: relationship goals we notice!

By - sneha
28.11.19 06:48 AM

Today all I want to do is talk about my workplace and parallel relationship that revolve around it. The environment is great and work is amazing. Through all the good things, the best thing is I can do is study my colleagues and analyze the kind of relationship that we share. After a whole lot of analysis on my fellow men, I was able to come up with a few names for each specific character.

I believe a woman stepping out of her home, leaving behind her children all together takes a lot of courage. She doesn't just randomly walk out on her family. Instead, she makes sure that they have all the meals for the day ready and warm for them before she leaves.

She hustles and fights through the buses, and the overcrowded trains. This lady literally dashes through the city to get to the office on time just so she can get back home on time. She sometimes catches her breath for the entire day while she covers that train journey or hangs onto the bus for her dear life.

At work, the kinds of challenges she faces are a lot different. From standing up to her boss, to getting things done to literally hustling around to kick ass at work which she has to get done by the end of the day. To add to all this, there are colleagues. They sort of add oil to the already burning fires.

Life here would be beautiful had the men been more supportive.

Different types of men at the workplace

Sexist sir: He is the one who thinks a woman shouldn't be at the office because it would be better if she could just stay at home. This would make life much easier for lazy men like him. This man would rather have his wife stay at home than become an independent woman standing on her feet. He may have ended up like this because his mom was a homemaker. He would have never seen a woman go out and work.

Overprivileged narcissist: This mighty head thinks he owns the place because he has been around for a while more than you. He feels entitled to all the privileges and thinks he is the only one who deserves anything going his way. He will not let you take any of those privileges without a fight at the least. At the end of all this, you actually forget who the bitch is.

Bedswerver of words: There is always that one married man who is always so keen on passing lewd comments about your sex life. He is ever propagating extramarital affairs. He hits only on those married women. Just because he knows that we are the only beings who don't care enough to report him. I don't think he ever got his chance. Yes, we married woman have a status that we cherish and wish to keep up.

Partial lead: Every team will have a team lead who favors some, while has total contempt and disregard for some others. This man becomes that talk of the team especially during appraisal time for his unfair practices.

Ogle uncle: This oldie has nothing better to do than stare at the breasts of a woman. He is the reason why a woman doesn't step out of her house without a stole. He more likely talks looking at your breasts rather than into your eyes.

Occasional swamis: A few months in a year men decide to abstain from worldly living to become swamis. It's not that I don't appreciate your faith, but it gets annoying. Suddenly they become God and they shouldn't be touched by women. Women have to speak from afar to them. All in good faith, it becomes a little too much to handle.

Gym boi: I really think you are great because you manage to hit the gym every single day. That doesn't mean that I expect you to give me free advice. It's not like I don't know that I should hit the gym and shed a few kilos. I would rather be like this and not listen to another word about my size.

Barking dog: This man is privileged and has a lot of powers. Knowing this, he chooses to shout loudly to get things done. He seldom bites but his bark is pretty humiliating and so he gets his way.

Bossman: He is the reason you are still in this place. He never ceases to make you comfortable and does a pretty good job of encouraging you. This man is an easy-going guy with eyes only for the quality and quantity of work that you do. 

Dear friend: Your only solace amongst a bunch of werewolves waiting to bite. He listens to your cribbing and supports you while you bitch about others. He never makes you feel bad and his main agenda is keeping you on track.

These are some of the stereotypical kind of men that we find at work. I am sure each of you would have come across at least some of these typical characters. The standards are pretty much the same at every office. Amongst them, we shouldn't forget to appreciate the men who make it possible for women to survive in such circumstances.

Share with us how you managed to come out successful in a whole sea of male sharks like these. Or maybe you would like to thank those sweethearts who make it possible for you.

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