A letter to COVID-19

By - sneha
20.06.20 10:46 AM

You took away around 6000 lives from India. You don't plan on stopping anytime soon. With the total tested cases nearing 60,000, the fear you instill isn't large enough to keep people at home.You don't plan on leaving us alone and nor are we going to keep our selves away from you. We find a cheap thrill in beating the odds especially when it's against you.


Autumn came along with a cold wind blowing away the ripe leaves from the trees around, in the same way you blew away lives. 2020 came and brought with sadness and loss. But we never take anything seriously unless it strikes close to our hearts.


All those lives lost, the news and all the pain and loss in the world was just a story for me to sympathize at. The loss of a person, whose name I know, whose fond memories chased me as I lay down is when my sympathy turned into empathy. 


When I met him alive for the last time he was healthy and walking. Who knew I would never meet this father figure alive. The news of his death reached me after months, and then I couldn't believe my ears. He was right there in my memories of yesterdays. The goosebumps I felt on my skin, the empty coldness I felt in my heart and the tears that tugged at the corners of my eyes were all real. His death was real but it felt just as surreal as ever. It took the death of someone close to my heart to see that you COVID-19 are deadly and evil.


You destroyed families and took away life as if it meant nothing. You made people starve and die. You massacred families that lost their livelihood because of you. You made people sit at home and fight more. You tortured and troubled humans, you made them writhe in pain. They couldn't breathe because of you and most of them lost their lives to you even before they knew that you struck them hard. 


COVID-19 you will be the most hated pandemic on this earth. We will never forget the depression you created and the pit that you threw us into. You will be the virus who destroyed the advancement of humanity. You brought life to a standstill. 


Please leave. 


With hate,

A humble request from humans who promise to change.

Year of 2020