A for Abyss

By - sneha
31.03.19 07:30 PM
I married early, much much earlier than anyone in the current generation does. I was just twenty one and in the final year of my graduation when I tied the knot. To this day it's one of the decisions I regret. I was still a girl who believed in fairy tales and charming heroes on horses. All I expected out of this relationship was a whole lot of romance, outings, trips and a husband who was always by my side. I never was exposed to the real world. I had never worked at an office nor have I stayed away from home. Had it been now after all the experiences that I came across I would have had a different perspective to life and I guess I would have handled this relationship in a much better manner. Never did the practicality of things come to me initially. And when it did, it struck me as a blow on the face. I didn't know how to cook or do household chores. I didn't even know the names of many vegetables. Worst part was I had moved to bangalore and I did not even know the language! Soon things started going downhill. A husband who was ever too tired after work, staying at home all day long alone with no friends and in a new city. I tried to pursue a job but that also didn't seem to work. I was slowly moving into depression. I was hitting the lowest point of my abyss. I thought I would never come out of it. Out relationship was always strained because he seemed to have his circle of friends intact and he had a life while mine was just all about making his life better! Constant fights and bitterness was all that was left. Over this, our parents used be involved everytime. Just when I was lost, and all hopes were starting to disappear did we learn about us being pregnant. This was starting point to a new life. We slowly sorted out all our issues and compromised our egos. We decided to restart our life on a new note for the sake of our babies. Yes you heard that right we were preggers with twins. Something we had known from the very first scan we took, but kept it as a secret! Since that day where we saw two pink lines, our lives have changed. Just when I was at my lowest and when I thought I had hit bottom, did my rainbow shine upon me. It's usually when we are hanging by a thread do we actually start to realize that life has so much more to offer. And in order to see that we have to just change our perspective and the direction in which we are looking! Now I live in a rainbow so bright that you have to look away so that you won't be blinded by jealousy. My babies color my world and fill it with resonating sounds of laughter and joy. My home is my go to place and my husband is now my best friend officially. Love binds us together and keeps harmony and music going on all the time. #blogchatterA2Z